In a careful analysis of my sports career and the careers of other successful athletes, I have found that in order to become an All-American there are nine basic principles or parts an athlete has to put together in order to complete the All-American Puzzle.

There are no shortcuts in assembling a picture puzzle. The same is true in becoming an All-American. In both cases the assembler has to put the end product together one piece at a time. The interlocked pieces make up the various parts, and the parts make up the puzzle. Finally, after tremendous effort, all the parts come together. The dream becomes a reality.

All the pieces of the first eight parts of Devin Durrant's All-American Puzzle can be put together by your child if he or she desires it. It is up to your child. However, the pieces of the last part of the puzzle are gifts from above. Neither you nor your child has any say in this part of the puzzle.