This is truly an amazing book. Parents will benefit enormously from its message and its lessons. The All-American idea is really a metaphor, a symbol, for raising an outstanding child-- one who is confident, disciplined, and who both achieves and contributes significantly.
Stephen R. Covey
Author of the best-selling 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Devin Durrant may be the most All-American of all the All-Americans I ever played with, and I played with a lot. He had great parenting and teaching, and was mature beyond his years. He knew who he was at such a young age. I can't think of anyone more qualified to write this book. I particularly like the "Be Your Own Coach" and "Make Your Own Luck" chapters. I can't wait to share some of his stories, quotes, and insights with my own children, and with some of the Boston Celtics players and coaches. This book is not only for parents raising children in sports, but for anyone who is playing, coaching, or teaching currently. Thank you, Devin for sharing your experiences.
Danny Ainge
Boston Celtics Executive Director of Basketball Operations, Winner of the John Wooden Award, Two-time NBA World Champion

I loved to watch Devin play when we were both at BYU. Now, having read his book, I understand why he was able to accomplish what he and his teammates did back then. As I reflect back on my life, I see that whatever success I achieved came as a result of following the nine principles Devin clearly defines in his book. I look forward to putting the message of Raising an All-American into use with my own children. I wholeheartedly endorse this book for parents of young men and more importantly for the parents of many young women who desire to excel in sports and in life.
Sharlene Hawkes
Former Miss America, Award-Winning ESPN reporter, Successful Businesswomen

This book could be called "Blueprint for a Successful Life." Devin has outlined principles that are a roadway to success in all phases of life. He has done an excellent job of presenting the material in a way that can be easily understood and implemented by people of all ages. I particularly like the chapter, "Be Your Own Coach." Having coached many great players who were different in size, shape, potential, and talent, I found the ones who truly succeeded were those who took charge of their lives, became their "own coach," found out what they needed to do, were motivated and disciplined, and simply "did it." This book is a must for every home. Good job, Devin!
LaVell Edwards
Legendary BYU football coach, National Coach of the Year, Member of the College Football Hall of Fame

I loved this book. My favorite chapter was the mentally tough chapter. Devin calls it "rodeo tough." As I read this message, I thought of the successful athletes whom I have known. The most vivid memory I have of each one was his or her mental toughness. All 9 parts of the All-American Puzzle are important. All are vital to success. But, I personally love to watch those athletes, who are mentally tough, play the game. Devin, your book is awesome!
Tom Holmoe
Winner of four Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers, three times as a player and once as a coach

Having coached numerous All-Americans, I know what it takes. It would be impossible for me to put into one book all I've taught these athletes. But Devin has done it in a manner that amazes me. His 9 Parts of the All-American Puzzle describe everything my athletes-- male and female-- need to do to reach their full potential. Devin teaches what it takes to transform a young man or woman into an All-American, not only in sports, but also in life.
Dave Houle
The most successful high school coach in America with over 66 State Championships at Mountain View High School. Member of the National High School Hall of Fame

I really appreciate, as a parent and as a coach, Devin's insights on the importance of finding a balance in our lives. I love Devin's passion and commitment to the game and his model for the pursuit of excellence in athletics and in life. This book will be an inspiration to parents raising children in sports and a practical teaching tool for anyone involved in competitive athletics.
Steve Cleveland
Head Men's Basketball Coach, Fresno State University

Having observed athletes over many years, I can attest to the importance of attitude and mental ability in athletics. Devin has succeeded in capturing in print the positive attributes needed for athletic success. He describes the mental toughness and determination it takes for the "All-American." This is a "must read" for the aspiring athlete, his or her parents, and those who support the aspiring athletes. Devin's common sense approach is presented in a manner that keeps interest. His light touches of humor with his blend of practical advice and positive principles present a well-rounded view on his approach to athletics and success in life. This book is a stirring recipe for success.
Rick Bolus
Publisher of the High Potential Basketball Recruiting Service

Raising An All-American is not just for parents who have kids in sports. The book is an inspiring road map into raising responsible, loving, and emotionally fit individuals. The Nine Parts of The All-American Puzzle can be implemented into everyone's's quite inspiring. Everyone should read this book!
Jodie Lynn
Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, CEO/founder of, and author of the family/health book, Mommy-CEO.

It is so apparent that Devin has been raised in the best of families. Not only was Devin a great basketball player, but he also is a great family man as well. There are reasons for his greatness. This book goes into a number of them. There is no question that this book will be invaluable to anyone who reads it. You will be tremendously blessed by following the suggestions of this book. This book would help anybody to become a better person and to achieve greater success in life. I commend this book to anyone who wants to achieve greatness in this life. I commend this book to any parent who wants their children to have a shot at being the best they can be. Raising An All-American is a wonderful book.
Senator Orrin G. Hatch
United States Senator